Safe Load Testing Technologies designs two horizontal stability solutions, in line with the new EUMOS 40509-2020 standard, to assess load stability

    Valencia, 25th June 2020 – Safe Load Testing Technologies, an international provider of solutions for transport optimization and validation, has developed two horizontal stability solutions in line with the new EUMOS 40509-2020 standard, which will come into effect this year.

    The solutions of the innSlide family are designed to simulate the horizontal accelerations and decelerations typical of distribution cycles, in order to optimize packaging to improve its stability and safety, thus preventing possible damage to the load and / or accidents resulting from poor stowage.

    With the globalization of the economy and the increase in online sales, the transport of goods has increased considerably. This fact has made companies face great logistical challenges to send products to any part of the world, guaranteeing that they arrive in optimal conditions to the final consumer.

    One of the freight transports most affected by cargo stability problems is road transport, due to the aggressiveness of the acceleration and deceleration forces. But thanks to the transport simulation solutions developed by Safe Load Testing Technologies, it is not only possible to test the loads, but also to comply with European directives and standards.

    This is the case of Directive 2014/47 / EU that establishes a series of technical inspections to verify, among other things, that the cargo has been correctly stowed. To carry out this verification, the directive names in Annex 3 the standard EUMOS 40509: 2014, which describes a dynamic test method to evaluate the stiffness of a load unit.

    This method is being revised and the new EUMOS 40509-2020 standard will take effect in the second half of this year. In order to comply with this standard, the Safe Load Testing Technologies expert team has adapted its horizontal stability machines, by making them able to perform acceleration and deceleration tests in line with the new testing method. Specifically, the Boomerang stability machine is specifically designed to perform the acceleration tests described in the EUMOS 40509 standard and in the load safety requirements of the US FMCSA. It is an innovative and patented test method, which thanks to its compact size can be transported to carry out tests in any installation.

    In addition, the solutions in the innSlide family include an innovative machine vision software, innVision, designed to measure load deformation. Whether in its SET or Pro version, this system records the deformation experienced by the load subjected to the forces of acceleration, thanks to its high-speed camera, and analyzes the results in real time, subsequently generating an automatic report.

    Thanks to these innovations, the Valencian company wants to offer its clients the possibility of optimizing packaging, not only to increase safety during the distribution cycle, but also to substantially reduce the use of plastics in packaging, improve pallet preparation time, avoid costs and comply with regulations in the sector.