Patents available: 

These families of patents protect modified clays and PLA composites with modified clays, which improve the barrier and mechanical properties of PLA and make this material suitable for packaging applications.

This kind of ink can be applied in the form of a label on a food package and indicates when the food is not in optimal condition to be ingested.

Food packaging, especially for meat products, which does not require MAP, as the packaging itself generates carbon dioxide (which creates a protective atmosphere) from the exudate of the food itself and active compounds that are applied to the packaging.

Packaging cushioning material testing machine that improves the test method and performs a more accurate characterization of packaging cushions.

These families of patents protect modified clays and PET composites with modified clays that improve the barrier and mechanical properties of PET, allowing savings in material usage or an improvement in barrier properties, this PET composite being fully recyclable.

Ink that, applied on microwaveable containers, improves the heating of the food they contain.

Licensed patents: 

  • Machine that Simulates the Movement Produced During Transport. 

Patents granted in Europe (EP2688055B), USA (US9,280,918B) and China (CN103548070B). 

  • Compositions for the Preparation of a Nanostructured Biodegradable Polymeric Material. 

Patents granted in Europe (EP2787040B), USA (US9,982,127B and US10,550,263B), China (CN105246973B) and Japan (JP 6427556B). Patent applications in Canada and Thailand. 

  • Method for Preserving Perishable Fresh Food Products in a Container and Container Provided Therefore. 

Patent granted in Europe (EP3155905B). Patent applications in USA, Brazil, Mexico and India.