We design and manufacture simple, reliable, and comparatively economical devices to be operated by occupational health and safety (OHS) advisors and environmental health professionals for monitoring of the presence of pathogens (i.e. viruses) in critical infrastructures, and for providing information on the concentration levels of nanoparticles and respirable dust in air. These solutions combine measurement technologies with a data acquisition software designed to be operated by non-expert users.

Robust, portable, and plug & play device designed to on-field CoV-19 detection, with high sensitivity, enhanced selectivity, good reproducibility, and practical applicability.

• Highly sensitive nanostructured immunosensor for real-time detection of SARS-CoV proteins.

Easy fabrication process, reduced interferences, and high sensitivity.

Compatible with microcontrolling and sampling elements from Nanowatcher, guaranteeing integration.

• Sampling heads based on gelatin filters available for further laboratory analysis for research purposes.

Safety: designed to avoid direct contact with infected people or droplets containing viruses

Disruptive: according to our current studies, no other devices for on-site detection are available.

Robust: it provides reliable data in harsh and dusty industry environments

Easy to use: No technical knowledge or training is needed

Automatic reporting according to REACH Regulation: Customized dashboard for real-time exposure analysis by non-experts according to European Chemicals Legislation, REACH.

Long-term Real-time measurement: 120h of continuous operation for long-term exposure studies

Portable: remote sensing which is lightweight (<2kg)

Low maintenance: Water as its working fluid, less than every 18 months maintenance

Internationally protected (EP18382641.1)

Low cost: Better features and less than half price than other devices. Ask us for a budget at info@controlnano.com