We are focused on building companies from pre-seed and seed stages to transferring knowledge to the market. We specialize in deep technologies that can have a major impact in a wide range of industrial sectors, such as advanced materials development, packaging engineering, biotechnology, or nanosafety.

Since 2015, we have been transferring to the market a set of new products, technologies, and processes developed by research and technology organizations (RTOs). As an innovative platform, we are open to collaborate with investors to reinforce our own projects or to explore new possibilities for accelerating disruptive ideas.

PACKA VENTURE’s strategy investment spans pre-seed and seed stages. We provide pre-seed funding to develop the first-version products and to bring them to a level where seed money can be raised. In this second stage, we seek financial support both through private investors and the European Union´s funding programs.

Since we are focused on the early stages of projects, our investment strategy is based on the technology transfer. We are technology experts, and not just financial investors: we look beyond profit to assess the potential of a business. During the development of these projects, we establish an exit date and seek their highest profitability, which makes these initiatives of interest to private capital.

We invest in technologies based on tangible engineering innovation or scientific advances and discoveries with profound enabling power. Advanced materials, packaging engineering, nanosafety, and biotechnology are some of our areas of expertise.

From our headquarters in Valencia (Spain), we have promoted our local talent and our capacities in R&D projects at national and international level, establishing connections and alliances with the most relevant companies, organizations and institutions in our areas of specialization.

We are strongly committed to boosting the development of the Valencian Community, in Spain. We contribute to the generation of wealth through the retention and attraction of talent and the creation of investment opportunities.

We have several protected technologies licensed or available for licensing. Our broad IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) portfolio lends us a competitive advantage and fosters new business opportunities.

We boost projects that offer a competitive advantage and solve a clear need in the market. 

We support the development of technologies from the lab to the market. Our aim is to turn disruptive technologies into scalable, enterprise solutions with a global impact.